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The first stones that would become the Compass Tower are laid down by the Zo circa 9000 BGM (Before the Greater Moon). Believing they were being led by the Goddess, Zoë, the Ancients cross over the frigid Crown of Aenya Mountains, where they discover the uncharacteristically warm and lush valley of Tyrnael, and the solitary mountain at its center, from which the Potamis River, the Lifeblood of Aenya, trickles down to the One Sea. Ongoing visions lead the Zo into the mountain, and to the sacred pool from which, it is believed, the first living cells on Aenya originated. Consecrated as the birthplace of Zoë, the Compass Tower is built in her honor, rising from the mountain like a spear in the hands of a stone giant. Decades later, the Compass Tower becomes the global seat of power, home to the first kings of the Zo. A network of bridges reaching out from it connects to the terraced monoliths populating the city, and in later times, to the seven neighboring cities across the valley.

In 5 AGM (After the Greater Moon) tidal forces from the Mass Piston ravage the planet, resulting in ninety percent species extinction. The Zo civilization collapses, and the once-great city of Tyrnael fades into myth, becoming known by future civilizations as Mythradanaiil. But some Tyrnaeleans, having weathered the destruction in various underground strongholds, survive to rebuild the city and the Compass Tower at its center. With the Ascendency having fled the planet, a new line of kings, and a new dynasty, begins.

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