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"When will AoA be released? I can’t find a date on Google. I’m going crazy! I can’t wait!" 

"There are a thousand praises I could sing here. The prose is intelligent, poetic and full of emotion. A true pleasure. I simply must know what happens next . . ."

"It’s been such an enjoyable experience to explore Aenya, such a relief to leave my own troubles behind and take a journey into such a magical place."

Hunger drove her from home. Invasion from his. They are the last Ilmar, naked, savage . . . Heroes.

The people of Ilmarinen know nothing of hunger or war. When this primeval paradise meets famine, Thelana learns to steal to survive. Hated by civilization, she keeps forever in hiding, until the day she meets Xandr, the last of the Ilmar, the man destined to prevent a second world-shaping cataclysm. 

"What I will say, is that I was disappointed that the story ended when it did. It left me wanting more."

"I am [often] spellbound by the description, or by a poignant moment. The emotional range of the book is tremendous, and the various plot twists, and ways in which the themes come together are really effective. I like the way the novel supports its philosophies."

"You have just destroyed my evening. I am thoroughly engrossed in Aenya now. I need to know more about Thelana and Xandr, need to know more about the world, and am downright angry you haven’t posted more."