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Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi I've read in ages!!! If you are looking to transport yourself to another world, where you'll be immersed in magic, legend, beautiful landscapes, all with a gorgeous message [. . .] The narrative here is truly powerful. Seldom do I say I get a transformative and inspirational feeling after reading fantasy (and I read a lot of it) author Alimonos's did the trick. Well worth your while to pick up this one.

"There are a thousand praises I could sing here. The prose is intelligent, poetic and full of emotion. A true pleasure. I simply must know what happens next . . ."

Your journey begins here...

Welcome to Aenya

"What I will say, is that I was disappointed that the story ended when it did. It left me wanting more."

"I am [often] spellbound by the description, or by a poignant moment. The emotional range of the book is tremendous, and the various plot twists, and ways in which the themes come together are really effective. I like the way the novel supports its philosophies."

The Princess of Aenya is a tale of betrayal, love, and redemption.

Believe in Radia. Order The Princess of Aenya today!

Explore this site to learn more about the people and places of Aenya. Look carefully. Links are hidden everywhere!!!


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