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AVIAN: The avian or “bird man” is a human subspecies that can best be described as a cross between a human and a bird. They are reclusive and fearful, tending to avoid contact with other intelligent races, but are also proud, believing themselves morally and intellectually superior. In appearance, the avian is as diverse in the hue of its plumage as the bird species of Aenya. They are also fond of ornamentation and wear beak-like masks, which they use to conceal their hominid ancestry. To learn more: AVIAN

BOGREN: Small and crafty, the bogren are thought to have evolved after the Great Cataclysm. Their human ancestors remained or were forced into the eastern hemisphere, finding sanctuary deep under the ground where the lava flows. To learn more: BOGREN. Figure courtesy David Pasco.


HALFMAN: A distant human relative, this beastly primate has limited use of language and tool-making skills. It is most commonly seen in the Wildwood, north of Kratos. Shy in nature, the halfman can become a terrible predator when the need arises, counting both humans and animals as its quarry. To learn more: HALFMAN. Image courtesy Alexey Lipatov.

HORG (singular and plural): Few creatures on Aenya are as feared as the horg. Rarely seen beyond the dark hemisphere, the horg is found on the outskirts of the eastern kingdoms. Females of the species are turned into slaves by the more diminutive bogren. Adult males (known as bulls) act as living siege engines, carrying immense clubs and shields of pykrete, made of ice and wood pulp. To learn more: HORG. Image courtesy of Heather Zanitsch.


ILMAR (HUMANS): Though they are considered to be more animal than human, the Ilmar can trace their roots directly to the first protohuman. Hidden from civilization, they live a primitive existence, devoid of government, currency, or clothing. Once a year, during the Solstice, boys and girls of age join in a sacred bonding ritual, in which they are paired for life. Ilmar typically have darker skin, leathery soles, and light-colored eyes. To learn more: ILMAR

MERQUID (singular or plural): This aquatic, communal species once dominated the planet, living in ocean-vast cities that have since become desert. What remains of their kind is now concentrated along the coasts. Though benign, they can become terrifying in defense of their offspring, with a set of retractable teeth, barbed claws, and wide glossy eyes. To learn more: MERQUID



SEPTHERA: This long-extinct race ruled Aenya around 10,000---9000 BGM. For centuries, humans were herded by the Septhera like livestock, forced to do labor, fight for entertainment, and at times, were used as food. The Septhera vary in appearance and color, from black, green, red, and purple to multi-hued. Stripes and diamond patterns along the arms, legs, and tail are common among females. By 9800 BGM, the Septhera were overthrown by the emergent Zo. To learn more: SEPTHERA. Image courtesy of Alexey Lipatov.


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