Have you ever wanted to play as Thelana in Dungeons & Dragons? Well now you can! This exclusive digital package comes with the following:

1.) A five page PDF and MS Word file (for easy editing) detailing new rules for incorporating the Ilmarin race into your D&D campaign, with special abilities unique to the Ilmar, such as 'Heroic Nudity' and 'Henna Tattoos.'


2.) Two Thelana character sheets in both PDF and MS Word formats (for easy editing): A first level ranger for entry-level gaming; and a 9th level ranger/rogue for advanced games, with an original illustration by Julia Bax and Alexey Lipatov.


3.) An STL file for your 3D printer so you can print your own 3D Thelana figure.    



Disclaimer: You will need an STL enabled 3D printer to print this figure. Figure comes unpainted. Dinosaur and terrain not included.          

Thelana for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

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