Have you ever wanted to play as Thelana in Dungeons & Dragons? Well now you can! This exclusive digital package comes with the following:

1.) A five page PDF and MS Word file (for easy editing) detailing new rules for incorporating the Ilmarin race into your D&D campaign, with special abilities unique to the Ilmar, such as 'Heroic Nudity' and 'Henna Tattoos.'


2.) Two Thelana character sheets in both PDF and MS Word formats (for easy editing): A first level ranger for entry level gaming; and a 9th level ranger/rogue for advanced games, with an original illustration by Julia Bax.


3.) An STL file for your 3D printer so you can print your own 3D Thelana figure.    



Disclaimer: You will need an STL enabled 3D printer to print this figure. Figure comes unpainted. Dinosaur and terrain not included.          

Thelana for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

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