The Princess of Aenya is an epic adventure abounding with exotic locations and wondrous creatures, with boats that fly, princesses, and miracles. But at its heart, the story of Radia is one of betrayal, love, and redemption. As a spin-off, you don't have to have read Ages of Aenya, but if you have, The Princess of Aenya will expand on everything you know about this exotic world. 

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From the back cover:


Since she was a child, Radia has known the pain of every living creature as intimately as her own. Now her empathy may cost her her life.


When her step-brother seizes the throne of fabled Tyrnael, Radia is forced to flee from her only home. Betrayed by those most trusted to protect her, she finds unexpected loyalty in Demacharon, a war-torn soldier from a distant land. Seeking sanctuary beyond the Crown of Aenya Mountains, she is torn by a longing to return, acutely aware of the fear gripping her people, and of her step-brother's cruel machinations. 


For readers who adored The Last Unicorn or The NeverEnding Story, you will love The Princess of Aenya! 


Dimensions 8.5 x 5.5  436 pages 


The Princess of Aenya

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