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Radia was born with a power she does not understand, an empathic connection to Nature that may lead to the destruction of all she holds dear, her life and her people.


Tyrnael once served as the capital of Aenya, but the kingdom declines over the ages and its advanced technology is lost to the pages of myth. Centuries pass when Radia's father dies and she inherits the throne of the once-fabled city. Innocent to the cruelties of the world beyond her ivory tower, she is helpless when her adopted brother, Zaibos, seizes control in a violent coup. While the suffering of her people ravages her soul, her lone protector, Demacharon, forces her to flee, knowing the new king will destroy her if she remains. 


For readers who adore fairytale fantasy and science fiction, who couldn't get enough of The Last Unicorn, The NeverEnding Story, Watership Down, and Stardust, you are sure to love The Princess of Aenya


Dimensions 8.5 x 5.5  436 pages 


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The Princess of Aenya


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