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8.5 x 5.5  Paperback edition. 667 pages. Order now to get an exclusive autographed copy and two free bookmarks!  



From the back cover:


Hunger drove her from home. Invasion from his. They are the last Ilmar, naked savages . . . Heroes.


Discover a world with two moons and one Sea, where night and day can last forever and magic is inseparable from science. Journey to a place where cities wage wars for eons, religions are founded by time traveling historians, and heroes wear nothing but sky.


Xandr is a recluse and a wanderer. Thelana, having lost her family to famine, survives in the slums as a thief. They are the last of the Ilmar, primitives shunned by society. But when a star falls from the heavens, only the secrets guarded by their people can save civilization from ruin. With the aid of Grimosse, an over-protective golem, and Emma, a young witch who talks to ravens, Xandr and Thelana must race to the frozen peaks of the Pewter Mountains before a second cataclysm reshapes their world.


Also available: Ages of Aenya: Special Edition for Kindle, featuring art by Alexey Lipatov, Frans Mensink, and Tazio Bettin




Ages of Aenya


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